Welcome to the premier hunting destination in the Texas/Oklahoma Red River Valley. Conveniently located 1.5 hours from DFW and 45 minutes from Wichita Falls Texas, North Texas Outfitters is a premier destination for waterfowl and fair chase hunting. With a focus on native and feral species, NTO is a 100% low fence operation. We have experienced and enthusiastic guides ready to make your hunt the best possible experience.

Waterfowl &
Upland Birds

Teal, Duck, Goose, Turkey & Dove!


Wordlclass whitetail hunting for any method.


Popular for all skill levels. Come take a stab at it!


Fast action and usually no bag limits.


North Texas is not often seen as a hotspot for early season teal yet NTO is consistently finding solid patterns and bringing in great numbers and hitting limits


Duck hunting is the “bread and butter” of North Texas Outfitters. With over 125,000 acres in Texas and Oklahoma and various types of environments, NTO is putting up monster numbers of mallards, pintails, widgeons, gadwalls, and many species of divers.


NTO is in the heart of the Canadian goose migratory path. These beautifully patterned birds fly in the famous V pattern, and their migration is one of the greatest spectacles nature has to offer. We hunt all species of greaters, lessers, and callers, goose hunts offer exciting and challenging action for any level hunter.

Upland Birds

North Texas Outfitters hunts some of the richest and heavily populated turkey lands in Texas and Oklahoma. NTO hunts multiple properties with large population of roosting birds.


hunting in North Texas has long been regarded as the most consistent area in the United States for consistent and high volume dove patterns. All hunts are both in the mornings and evenings.

Four legs
Muzzleloader | Rifle | Archery

Our Whitetail hunting is world class. We pattern and monitor the population year round to ensure a proper buck to doe ratio. No matter your passion and preferred method our guides will put you in the right position to harvest the trophy you have always dreamed of. We also have opportunities to pair hogs and does with your whitetail buck.

Muzzleloader | Rifle | Archery

With an exploding population in Texas and Oklahoma hog hunting has become one of the most popular species for hunters of all skill levels. It is consistently regarded as one of the most exciting species to hunt. All of our hog hunts are done on private ranches to ensure both privacy and quality numbers for a 99% harvest opportunity.

& varmints
shotgun | Rifle

Typically hunted as a means of control, predators and varmints are hunted by call. These species offer fast action and no bag limits in most counties.

Bobcats   |   Coyotes   |   Raccoons

Don’t take our word for it:
choose your own adventure
Lodging & Meals
1 Buck & 1 Doe
unlimited hogs
per person*
*solo duck hunts are $250
Per person
*minimum of 4 people
per day
*half-day just $100
solo hunt
$350 per person for
groups of 2 or more
solo hunt
$150 per person for
groups of 2 or more
Meet the Guides
Dakota Placeholder Photo
Dakota Stowers
Waterfowl / Whitetail / Turkey / Hogs / Dove

Owner / Head Guide

My relentless pursuit of the outdoors and my client’s success is the driving force behind North Texas Outfitters. Born along the Red River of North Texas, I have been raised with the passion for hunting. From the flooded wheat fields to running lake Texoma and the Red River I have sharpened my skills in all varieties of waterfowl hunting that can be achieved in the Red River Valley. As former head hunting guide at Kent Outdoors, I learned that success is built upon hard work and dedication. I attribute these characteristics to my Dad and Grandfather. Along with waterfowling, I love the woods and on my day days off you will probably find me tucked away in a tree looking for that trophy buck to come into sight. My knowledge and success in the field have allowed me to work with some incredible companies including Sitka Gear, Zink Calls, Avian X, K2 Coolers, Wildgame Washers, and Outtech. My successful duck and goose hunts can be seen on  MOJO TV with Mike Morgan and Drake’s Migration Nation! We look forward to having you in camp!  I promise you will come as guests and leave with a great harvest and a new friendship!!

Trey Jones Placeholder Photo
Trey Jones
Waterfowl / Turkey

I was born and raised in East Texas. Hunting has always been a family tradition since the age of 7.  That was when my passion for waterfowl hunting. I am planning for the upcoming season year-round and I always love sharing a conversation about hunts, well as new products in the industry. I have been a part of the Greater Longview Chapter of Delta Waterfowl for 10+ years and helped play a role in local waterfowl conservation. In addition, I enjoy love spending time on the water with my wife and daughter on East Texas lakes and rivers in summer months bowfishing. Let’s get the waders on and get on some birds!

Trent Jones Placeholder Photo
Trent Jones
Waterfowl / Hog / Whitetail

I grew up chasing waterfowl with my dad and brother since I was seven years old.  After my first duck hunt that was it, I was hooked, and my life’s passion began. I am also an avid turkey hunter as well. To work as a guide is my dream come true and I love to bring that enthusiasm to my clients. I am currently partnered with some of the best companies in the outdoor industry including Sitka Gear, Tanglefree, Stingray Industries LED, and Zink Calls/Avian X. Whether it we are in a dry field shooting waterfowl or in the hardwoods tracking down a mature gobbler, when you hunt with me we will chase ethically, have a great time, and do everything we can to ensure a great harvest. Let’s get out in the sticks!

Zane Placeholder Photo
Zane Fudge
Whitetail / Waterfowl

I started hunting at the age of 4 with my dad and I’ve been crazy about it ever since. I grew up hunting the sulfur river bottoms with my dad chasing mallards and wood ducks, all the while, watching my dad and watching his techniques. I love all kinds of hunting but Waterfowl is what makes me tick. Being a guide has been a lifelong goal of mine and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.Finding where the ducks roost, feed, and loaf is almost like a game to me and when the hunt comes and you’re on the “X”, all of that scouting pays off. This is my 4th year guiding hunts and I love every second of it. Making sure my clients are well taken care of and having a great time is my main priority, and gives me a rewarding feeling.

Paul Morgan
Waterfowl / Hog

I grew up in the piney woods of east Texas. Hunting is a way of life  And I got started at a young age. My love for waterfowl continues to grow every day. I knew early on that my dream job would be guiding and getting to live my passion and share it with others. The great state of Oklahoma has been my stomping grounds for many years now and that is where I do most of my guiding. From chasing ducks and geese in the dry fields to the timber to the cattle tanks it’s in my blood. There’s no off season, when I’m not chasing waterfowl I am chasing pigs and turkey. Sharing my passion with clients and seeing the look on a hunter’s face after the smoke clears and he sees the birds on the water makes all the hard work and countless hours worth it.

Layne Placeholder Photo
Layne Lindeman
Turkey / Waterfowl

I was born and raised in Red River County, Texas where my passion for hunting took roots at the early age of 3. As a guide, I love those cold mornings when the mallards and pintails are flying, but you can bet that when those thunder chickens are gobblin’ that I am in the woods with a “Talkin’ Stick TM Slate Call” in hand! I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in August 2017 with a degree in Agri-Business and I live in Clarksville, TX with my wife, Lauren, and our 2-year-old Black Lab, Timber.  Come out and let’s go chase some drakes and longbeards!

Casey Hoff
Hog Dogging / Varmint

I was raised in the Dairy Farming community of Windthorst, TX. On any given day you might have found me riding my horse gathering cattle or even at a rodeo. When you get past the dust and spurs you are likely to find me running behind a pack of bay dogs trying to stop a big hog! Growing up I cultivated a love for hunting inspired by my Dad and Uncle. For over a decade now I have been running hog dogs. When I started out I ran walker hounds with my Dad and Uncle learning and working to become a great houndsman and dog handler. Today I have 8 dogs of my own and the pack is growing to include: greyhounds, black mouth curs, border collies and pit bulls. Come out and enjoy the thrill of a hog dog chase or a classic hunt with me.

Cabin sleeps 8, featuring comfortable amenities in a rustic package.

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